Anthonia Chinyere Okoye (PhD), Virginia Nkechi Okeke


All  sectors  of  the  economy  are  experiencing  rapid  development.  Worthy  of note  is  the education sector which is the bedrock of human development. Education can equip learners with agency and a sense of purpose, and the competencies they need, to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. The paper examined business education, global competitiveness,  employability,  new  normal,  challenges  and  role  of  business  educators during the pandemic era. The researcher concluded that from all indications, business educators encountered lesser problems during Covid-19 pandemic due to their proficiency in the knowledge of technology.  The researcher also recommended  that internet connectivity should be of paramount importance to all stakeholders in education sector; peradventure the pandemic or similar crises resurface.


Business Education, Global Competitiveness, Employability and New Normal

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