Maureen A. Mogbana, Angela U. Ekwenze, Rev. Sr. Juliana O. Chiemela


The total development of a child can only take place in an environment conducive for teaching and learning. It is in realization of the above that all educational services which can promote teaching and learning in schools are given prominent attention by educational planners. Counselling services in school develop, asses and improve educational programmes, enhance teaching and improve the competence of the teacher and reduce cost for the children. Therefore, this paper aims on the need for effective counselling services in secondary schools.  Consequently, this paper seeks to examined the concept of counselling, the different counselling services like educational, vocational and socio/persona services, the various problems facing guidance and counselling as it affects teaching and learning in Secondary schools. Finally, the paper recommended among others that individuals be made to understand, appreciate and accept guidance and counselling services in secondary schools because of the roles they play in effective teaching and learning process.


Guidance and Counselling, Teaching, Learning and School

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