Nwanneka Stella Nwoka, Joy Nkeiruka Jacob, Ngozi Grace Nwoka


Comprehensive health care involves sufficient and efficient provision of health care services and facilities useful to the health standard and need of the society. The status and standard of health care in Enugu State is an issue of serious concern to both the government and citizens of Enugu State. The introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to the health sector gave impetus for Digital Health Technology (DHT) which is reviewed as a veritable tool for comprehensive health care in Enugu State and Nigeria as a whole. DHT makes for achievement of the Millennium Development Goal as well as the objectives of comprehensive health care. The implication therefore is that application of DHT in health service delivery in Enugu State will help in the provision of comprehensive health care service in the State, thus it is recommended that government should make provision for adequate digital facilities and funding of the health care system for comprehensive health care service delivery in Enugu State .     

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